The Beginning

He doesn’t even know what he’s doing.  And rather than utilize those around him to gain some knowledge, he just says, “I’m in charge!”

All I hear is, “Blargle, blargle!”

I mean, c’mon dude.  This is the real world and there are real people in it with experience and drive to do things right and we know you’re the boss, so don’t be a dick.

I scream inside.


Hi, I’m nobody of importance.  Most people are likely to say so.  I like to think of myself as a firefighter.  I’m a maker of happens.  I’m an enabler, a supporter, a full-on problem sorter.  I also hold the positons of shadow warmer, back of the room sitter and point of disregard.  I’ve worked hard to get where I am though without that intent.  If I were to leave the room right now, I’d find myself with a blank slate.  No matter what I may accomplish, someone else seems to benefit, and anything I do is like exotic fruit; it ain’t crossing the border.  I get no credit for past performance.   I am cursed to start from zero.

It’s always been this way.  Type B, that’s me.  Associated with the right people, I can move mountains, but no one would notice my pushing.  They’d simply realize the scenery was a bit nicer.  I’m the guy ‘friends’ come to for advice or confession.  I’m the guy who won’t appear to judge, and I won’t tell others your secrets.  That’s because they’re not mine to tell.

Apparently, I’m NOT the guy who is asked to go ‘have fun’ or ‘hang out’.  (I’ve written those in quotations because I don’t actually know what they means, never really had much chance at either.)

Now that I’m older, this condition I find myself in has become an occupation.  I get paid for being the last one picked.  Unfortunately, now I’m also compelled to interact with those I’d never associate in any Darwinian experiment.

So what can I do to change this?

Perhaps I can become this thing, camouflage myself in the skins of my enemy.  Hide in plain sight, so to speak.

I will attempt to dissect the worst I can find.  There’s this guy I work with who is so repulsive to me, everything I hate about the false front, hypocritically hyperbolic establishment of our society.  He has a high opinion of himself and plenty of people to support that position.


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