Odd Ethan

My name is Ethan.

I’m four years old and I just started preschool.

I have a monkey named Turtle.

There are eight boys in my class.

Two Chris’s, two Matts and three Mikes.

I’m the odd Ethan.

Chris and Chris are good at making up games.

Matt and Matt both have really neat dinosaurs that walk and roar.

Tall Mike can climb anything.

Short Mike can run super fast.

Big Mike is strong.  He can pick up tall Mike and short Mike at the same time.

There are also seven girls.

Christie and Jamie play with dolls who cry.

Claudia and Clair are on the swings every day.

Angie likes to draw and paint.

Margaret (not Maggie) is really smart.

Everyone knows that.

Edith always has her hair in braids.

She doesn’t talk much.

I guess I don’t talk much either.

I wish I could think of a game that everyone wanted to play.

I wish I could climb,

Run fast,

Or pick up all three Mikes at the same time.

I wish Turtle could do something like


Or Walk,

Or even cry.

I don’t like dolls.

There are only two swings.

Nothing I paint looks right.

I try to stay away from Margaret.  She’s really smart, but she’s also mean.  Everyone knows that, too.

Here comes Edith.

“I like your monkey.”

“Thanks.  His name is Turtle.”

“Turtle?  You’re funny, Ethan.”

That makes me smile.


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